mPOS Solution

mPOS (mobile Point of Sale) is a new payment solution that make use of a connected device (smartphone, tablet or special wireless device),
to perform the functions of cash or electronic point of sale terminals (POS terminals).

What Can mPOS Do For You?

Mobile point-of-sale technology has taken the point of sale from the back of the store to just about as far as your imagination can take you. With mobile point-of-sale solutions you can harness the power of a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device to accept payments on the spot, everywhere.

Enable payment services at your customers’ homes, do business in a modern and efficient way at tradeshows, markets, sports venues or food trucks and much more. With a merchant account, mobile application and recommended card reader, you can swipe all major credit cards and sign debit cards quickly and easily. While mPOS won’t replace traditional POS altogether, it offers benefits and opportunities to connect with your customers in new ways and make sales anywhere!

End to end PCI compliant solution. Encrypted transactions from card reader to m-App software and bank switch.
Multiple Card readers supported: magnetic strip only (MSR), MSR + PIN, EMV (Chip and PIN).
Simple & secure web based merchant registration and activation process. Electronic signature capture.
Customized receipts, by email, SMS or print (optional Bluetooth printer).
Real-time management of all transactions, refunds and reports, via mobile app and web site.
Support all types of cards: credit, debit, gift & prepaid. Master Card and Visa Card processor independent, mobile network independent, device independent.




  • Start accepting card payments, new customers
  • Growth sales
  • Make card transactions, anytime, anywhere
  • Lower card transaction costs, improve cash flow
  • Access to real time reports


  • Enjoy the convenience and security of card payment, to buy all sorts of goods and services
  • Wide availability of merchants accepting cards
  • Cashless environment
  • Paperless environment (e-Receipts)

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