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The Bardo Merchant Account, through its secured gateway, delivers several advantages and services to our clients. One of the main benefits is that all our clients have their own merchant account, with a credit card statement personal descriptor.

We offer a large variety of payment modes which include credit and debit cards as well as mobile transfers.
We accept:

We perform first class security controls on every transaction that goes through our secured gateway. We control virtually any kind of risk. Our goal is to ensure that our clients work in a secure environment, peace of mind guaranteed.

Stay Protected with Bardo Gateway

  • PCI DSS compliance
  • 3D Secure Transactions – Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code
  • Payment Page protected by SSL 256 bits
  • Encryption methods ensure safe and accurate transaction processing
  • Mail and IP address verification of all transaction, real time
  • Extensive Fraud Scrubbing using custom filters

Key features of Bardo Merchant Account

  • 24/7 Server Operations Centre
  • Best Risk Management Techniques currently in use
  • Easy setup and implementation of our system
  • Real-Time Reporting and Customer Information
  • Online administration tools for merchants, covering real-time reporting, security alerts, settlement information, customer lookup functions, manual transaction options and much more.
  • Quick response. Customer inquiries handled within 24 hours, through mail / phone / Skype

Response Risk Control

Bardo Risk Control System analyses and verifies all the transactions being processed though our gateway. This allows us to reduce the risk factor related to fraud.

The Bardo Risk Control System run different controls to analyze and verify transactions, so as to deliver highest fraud and risk protection to our clients.

Sample of controls done:

  • Matching of IP and postal mail addresses
  • Matching of IP address and credit or debit card in use
  • Verification of the customer email
  • Verifying if the card in use is not blacklisted
  • And more…

Risk Control operates in real time, hence our clients are able to check immediately online the status and potential risk of each transaction.

Bardo also offers its proprietary Response Risk Control system, which sends an alert to clients, as soon as a transaction is suspected to be fraudulent.

We give the opportunity to our client to exert tight control over their merchant account, know better their customers purchasing pattern, while controlling risks and ultimately increase revenue and diminish overall transaction costs.

Transactions Payment Flow

Transaction payment flow

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