Privacy Policy

At Bardo, we are committed to respecting privacy, for our users, merchants and partners. This privacy policy details how Bardo processes personally identifiable information, from end-customers and merchants.
What information does Bardo receive and how do we use it?
When you use the Bardo gateway, some personal information is required. At a minimum, this would be your first and last name, address, country (if applicable), phone number, e-mail address and financial information such as your bank account number and/or your credit card number.
The level and volume of the required information is determined by the selected payment option. This information is required for us to be able to deliver our payment services. As a payment facilitator, in the middle of a fairly complex transaction processing chain, Bardo receives also information from merchants, about the purchased products or services. Bardo has to share the information provided by you, with your bank and credit card company.
Very important: Bardo uses your personally identifiable information solely for the purpose of delivering payment services. We do not process your data any further and / or keep this data in any database longer than strictly necessary for these purposes (one year).